The inspiration for my 2BA collection ‘My Own Private Ohio’ is centered around the nostalgia of my childhood and growing up in rural Ohio. Our senses are deeply linked to our memory and a farm provides a strong sensory experience. The collection needed to be extremely tactile and sensitive. I would achieve this through creating textiles through fabric manipulation, screen-printing, and knitting.  As a child I was very fond of floral lucite rings from the 1970s (I still am) and decided those would be the inspiration for the colors of the collection. 

I raised lambs one Spring and wanted to use fake furs and the backside of brocades to convey the softness and purity of lambs wool without being literal.  I had distinct memories of not only our farm but also our house. We had a very old cracked leather chair, so I decided to use non-clothing leathers in some of the garments which yielded interesting and stiff shapes. The memories of my childhood would be extracted and recreated throughout the collection into garments.